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Coyote North Ltd. Incinerators have inlet gas flow capacity from 4,000 scf per day to 20,000,000 scf per day. Scalability allows for handling even larger inlet gas flow rates.

Coyote North Ltd.’s unique Multifarious Combustion System uses a combination of Primary and Secondary Combustion air to provide a cleaner and more efficient burn. It is easily adjustable and controllable to suit a variety of waste gas operating conditions.  We get more capacity out of our units.

Coyote North Ltd. utilizes a state-of-the-art burner management system that provides pilot burner ignition, flame recognition, stack top temperature control, and air intake control.
Coyote North Ltd. Incinerator Applications include:
Dehydrator BTEX Vapor Combustion
Sour Tail  Gas Vapors from Amine Processing
Refinery Tail Gas Combustion
Combusting Vapor from Oil and Water Storage Tanks
Emergency Venting Combustion at Facilities and Pipelines
Solution Gas Combustion  at Batteries
Well Test and Clean Up, including Sour and Shale Gases
Industrial Vapor Combustion, including Paint Booths, Landfills
Coyote North Ltd.’s  Practical & Economic Heat Recovery allows for Waste Gas Utility.
Examples include Produced Water Vaporization, Hot Water, Hot Glycol, and Electrical Generation.
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